Playtime Paws is dedicated to supporting fellow dog moms and dads through dog training, behavior modification, and education.

greyhound tired after dog training session
Debbie, owner and dog trainer at Playtime Paws

I'm Debbie, owner and trainer at Playtime Paws.  I work with dog parents to provide real-life solutions to help build a fun, strong, and fulfilling relationship with your dog. 

Work With Me

New Puppy Programs

A new puppy package is perfect if you are bringing home a new puppy for the first time and looking to get off on the right paw.

Need a Little Help

A private dog training session is designed for those looking for help with specific behavior issues you are having or just want to work on general behavior.

Need a Little More Help

If you need some extra help or want a more in depth dog training experience, multiple visit packages, including a basic obedience package, are available

Your New Puppy's Podcast

A dog training and behavior podcast that with help you and your new puppy build good healthy habits right from the start. 

Thinking about getting a new dog?  Here is a FREE two-part workbook to help you decide. 

Part One: 5 questions to see if you are ready 

Part Two: A guide to help you decide what type of dog will fit into your family.